Have you lost self-confidence during the Covid pandemic and these uncertain times?

​Are you constantly comparing yourself to others thinking you're not good enough?

Do you feel trapped and isolated by limiting beliefs?

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Hello! I'm Minh K Le, a Transformational Life Coach, Consultant, and Mentor. I've coached key and frontline health workers, executives, and other working professionals who's lives have been turned upside down during the pandemic.

I work with professionals to give a different and fresh perspective that other coaches may not have. As a firm believer in equality, I want to fight for those who have gotten knocked down and need a nudge to take that small but so very important step forward.

My belief for achieving success is simple:

Be yourself, believe in yourself, and stop the comparisons to everyone else. 

Make the most of these changes and do what you love and love what you do in this new world!


My coaching has produced exceptional results:

  • A successful designer improved her self-confidence to work on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designs to help with shortage.

  • An unhappy executive resolved her control issues & launched a business that delivered meals to key workers and frontline staff.

  • A barrister discovered her dream job and was hired within her first 3 sessions to run a non-profit organisation. 

  • A comedian realised her fears of rejection and self-doubt and performed for dozens on Instagram Live. 



Everyone is unique and has their own circumstances that makes them want to work with a coach. We discuss this in the Free Discovery Session and agree together as to what works for you!


Know you've chosen the right coach: someone objective, helps you gain clarity, establishes your priorities and creates clear goals while supporting you to grow and develop in a positive way.