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Using humour, a radio-like voice, and my dog Luke to give people a space to allow them the time to think. Helping people tap into the human mindset, I've coached and mentored healthcare staff, executives, and entrepreneurs to fulfill their goals, to find purpose and meaning, and to reach their full potential during these unprecedented times. 

As a former lecturer in Organizational Behavior and now a Master Coach, I see so many adults that are unhappy with their lives and careers and end up settling for the status quo. Like many adults when they hit "middle-age," I've experienced extreme work burnout and ended up having multiple mid-life crises. The tipping point was suffering a nervous breakdown at work forcing me to think about my own well-being, happiness, and priorities which happened right before the Covid pandemic struck the UK.


We are given a true gift in life and how we live our lives, spend our time, and think about ourselves is up to us! Be an inspiration to yourself before trying to inspire others.

Working with me will help shed your limiting beliefs which have stopped you from achieving your goals and gain confidence in yourself by being comfortable with being uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations. You can master your mind and control how you view life from your own perspective.

With the good also comes the bad. You may miss out on the full spectrum of experiences in your life if you expect life to be smooth sailing. You might lose out on finding your full potential and your life's purpose by allowing your limiting beliefs to hold you back.
We will improve upon your growth areas as well as celebrate your successes and wins. Allow me to help you through your journey, to overcome your fears and barriers to bring out the authentic YOU!
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