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Whether working on yourself or with a larger team, the following resources may offer some insights on how you might use coaching to explore your limiting beliefs or deepen your experiences with lasting change. Feel free to explore and connect with me to find out more


  • The Wheel of Life: Determine the important areas of your life, assess what might feel and seem off-balance, and identify aspects that may need more focus and attention.

  • Perception Map: Dive deeper into the who, what, where, when and why by considering some of the thoughts and feelings you experienced during an earlier event in your self-reflection time. 

  • Prioritisation Grid: Tasks which we may think is important may not be urgent when we think about what we're doing. For your next to-do list, use this grid to help sort your priorities and what is really urgent. 

  • Ten Daily Habits: Establish a daily routine to cement new habits and create desired behaviours. Keep yourself accountable and build up self-confidence during the first 30 days of your transformation with this simple tracker.


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