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Alessandra - Designer (London): Stuck in a rut on design projects which "paid the bills" but left her feeling that she was wasting her skills, I coached Alessandra using Time Line Therapy® to remove her negative emotions from past experiences and transformed her limiting beliefs into actions to complete projects that supported PPE shortages.

"Coach Minh helped me overcome my people pleasing habit and instead of always saying yes, I became more confident in saying NO!"

Michelle - Entrepreneur (Hong Kong): Longing to take more ownership of her life, Michelle had a tremendous business idea but was afraid of stepping out to make it on her own. Building her confidence through NLP Coaching along with hands-on career and business planning, Michelle got out of her comfort zone to get clarity on the life that she wanted. She was named as one of the Top Rising Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong after her first year!

"Minh's extensive experience with start-ups, entrepreneurship, and having a different perspective than other coaches I used in the past helped me tremendously! I started believing in myself and knew I had it in me!"

Tamara - Barrister (London): Working in the profession that her family wanted for her, Tamara was happy that her family approved of her job but she lacked a feeling of passion and purpose. She wanted to use her experience to help those who were not fortunate to have the same opportunities that she had. Tamara confronted her fears of disappointing her family and landed the job of her dreams along with her family's approval!

"I never imagined being able to have the conversations with my mum that I had, but Minh helped me push through my fears and now the relationship with my mum, work, and self is amazing. Happy days!"

Julia - Comedian (Washington DC): In the job that she always wanted regardless of making less money than her corporate job, Julia could make anyone laugh in a crowded theatre but struggled with her fear of social media comparisons. I coached Julia using NLP techniques so that she wouldn't see the difference between making people life on stage and performing for an audience on Instagram Live.

"Minh helped me gain the self-confidence to perform on social media during self-isolation. I stopped the comparisons, and it only mattered to me that I could share my stories and jokes even if no one laughed. Luckily everyone did!" 


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